Drugs, Vaccine and Equipment

Main Mandates

The main mandate of the unit is to coordinate the implementation of the overall management of the Essential Veterinary Drug Programme (EVDP) in the country. This mandate is implemented through various functions and activities such as:

  • Timely procurement, storage and distribution of veterinary medicines, vaccines, equipment and non-drug items.
  • Monitoring of medicines, vaccines and equipment supply, stock position, and storage at the Livestock Central Store (LCS) and field level.
  • Maintenance of veterinary equipment and cold chain equipment.
  • Audit quality control and quality assurance through testing of veterinary medicines at the Drug Regulatory Authority (DRA) approved laboratories.
  • Ensure proper management of the revolving fund.
  • Coordinate training and/or meetings related to Essential Veterinary Drug Programme.
  • Coordinate/organize the National Veterinary Medicine Committee (NVMC) meetings.
  • Liaise with DRA and take follow-up action concerning drug inspection reports.

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