Rabies: Dekiling, Sarpang

A suspected rabies outbreak reported on 1 April 2021 from Chhoekhorling village, Sarpang dzongkhag was confirmed as rabies through rapid antigen test and reported on 21 April 2021. As per the flash report shared on 21 April, a total of 3 dogs, 5 cattle and 1 goat in Chhoekhorling and Jigmeling village have died of the disease, and 20 dogs and 2 cattle suspected to have exposed have been kept under observation. A mass dog vaccination campaign in the area was conducted in December 2020, and most of the dogs kept under observation have received their annual vaccination. In line with the National Rabies Prevention and Control Plan 2017, all the necessary prevention and control measures have been implemented by the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Sarpang.

  • Apr/26/2021 11:19 AM
Dr Palden Wangchuk