Suspected HS: Chhoekhor, Bumthang

Outbreak of Hemorrhagic Septicemia was suspected in two yak herds of Chhoekhor Gewog, Bumthang Dzongkhag, currently en-route to their summer pasture . As per the outbreak investigation (carried on 15th and 16th May 2020) report, the index case was recorded on 30 April 2020, following which 3 more yaks were affected. Since no fresh cases were observed at the time of team's visit, no samples could be collected for laboratory confirmation. However, owing to the typical clinical signs and symptoms -- observed by the respective herd owner -- suggestive of Hemorrhagic Septicemia and the herds for not having vaccinated against the disease, HS was suspected to be the cause. All control measures were implemented and advised by the outbreak investigation team, and about 131 yaks were vaccinated as prophylactic measure.

  • May/30/2020 7:58 AM