World Rabies Day 2018

World Rabies Day gives the opportunity to highlight the importance of fighting dog-mediated rabies and engage the targeted audiences in the discussion, encouraging them to disseminate the conversation and to help control and eradicate the disease through surveillance and vaccination. The theme for WRD 2018 is - Rabies: Share a message. Save a life. These are some of the messages developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) you can share on social media platforms: 1. Over 95% of human cases of #Rabies are due to dog bites. We have all the tools needed to eradicate it, help us do it. Vaccinate dogs now. #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 2. #Rabies is a disease that should belong to the past. Preventing the disease at the animal source allows preventing human deaths. #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 3. After Rinderpest, dog-mediated #Rabies is one of a few diseases that could disappear thanks to the close cooperation of all. Join the cause today! #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 4. Every fifteen minutes someone in the world dies from #Rabies, mostly children in developing countries. Let’s stop the cycle together! #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 5. Half of the world’s population live in an endemic area, and more than 80% of deaths occur in rural areas. Share information, raise awareness and eradicate the disease! #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 6. Dog vaccination is the most efficient way to avoid human deaths by #rabies. Learn more: #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 7. The #OIE Rabies Vaccine Bank was created in 2012 as a key step to eliminate #rabies. #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 8. The OIE #Rabies Vaccine Bank guarantees the availability of high-quality vaccines to beneficiary countries. Discover how does it work here: #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30 9. As of June 2018, the OIE #Rabies Vaccine Bank delivered more than 20 million doses worldwide, and the fight against dog-mediated rabies continues! #Zeroby30 #WorldRabiesDay 10. Keep your dog healthy and protect yourself! Prevent #Rabies, vaccinate your dog! Get to know more by clicking here #WorldRabiesDay #Zeroby30

  • Sep/27/2020 10:30 PM
Dr Palden Wangchuk