Name: Dr Kinzang Dukpa
Designation: Program Director
Qualification: B.V.Sc & AH, M.Sc & PhD
Department: General Administration

Contact#: 17304889
Updated On: Aug-23-2016

Research interest, skills and expertise:
Veterinary Epidemiology including risk-based surveillance, risk assessment, risk analysis, spatio-temporal epidemiology; serological surveillances; observational study designs; Foot-and-Mouth Disease serology including Non-structural protein ELISA and Liquid Phase Blocking ELISA. 

Professional linkages and award:
OIE National focal point for animal disease notification Member of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics.

Recipient of Australian Biosecurity Cooperatives Research Centre Award (2008).

Key accomplishments:
Development of National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control Program, Revised-National Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan 2014 and Guidelines for Preparedness, Surveillance and Control of Anthrax in Human and Animals 2013. 

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