Rabies case in a cattle at Pachudara, Phuentsholing

A rabies case in a cattle was confirmed at Pachudara village under Phuentsholing geog, Chukha dzongkhag on 17/3/3018. The animal was taken from Kahireni village to Pachudara on 9/2/2018 where similar rabies case was confirmed in a cattle in that village on 28/2/2018. A rabies case was also detected in a cattle at Torsa area on 3/3/2018. Three consecutive cases of rabies in a cattle were reported within a distance of 2-3km radius in the villages that share border with India. The first rabies case in a dog was reported in Torsa area in January 2018 where it reportedly had bitten few cattle in that area. Control measures are in place.

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