PPR disease outbreak in goats at Ramety, Sampheling

Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) disease outbreak in goats was reported at Sangay Minjurling Lhakhang (above Ramitey) area under Sampheling geog on 8 March 2018. As per the investigation, people have brought Tsethar goat from across the border and released at Sangay Minjurling Lhakhang area on 1 February 2018. Later, the goat was sick after 5 days of introduction and died. The Tsethar goat was mixed with other goats of Goenpa and the nearby villages. Later, other goats also became sick and started dying from 20th Feb 2018. Livestock officials were informed about the deaths of goats only on 8 March 2018.
Investigation found 15 goats showing clinical signs of fever, diarrhea, thick nasal discharges, weakness, ocular discharges within the Goenpa area. Five goats have also died of the disease. Cases are also being reported from Beeretar villages (nearby Goenpa). Rapid test tested positive to PPR virus and the samples were referred to NCAH, Serbithang for confirmation. Meanwhile, control measures are in place.

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