Rabies outbreak in Panbang

Rabies outbreak in dog was confirmed on 3 September 2017 at Marangdud and Tungudempa villages under Panbang Dungkhag, Ngangla geog under Zhemgang Dzongkhag. A rabid dog (stray) have bitten 3 children and 9 cattle on 3 Sep. The dog was killed by the people and the brain tissue sample tested positive to rabies virus. The exposed children were given RIGS and are undergoing rabies postexposure treatment at Panbang BHU. Rapid Response Team comprising of both animal and health officials had been activated and are conducting outbreak containment measures including public education, emergency mass dog vaccination and surveillance. Although the source is unknown, it is likely due to transboundary movement of rabid dog. This is the first rabies outbreak recorded in Panbang after more than 3 decades. Panbang is about 15 km from the Indian border town.

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