World Rabies Day - 2017 (Zero by 30)

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Bhutan has been observing World Rabies Day ever since its inception in 2007. The theme for World Rabies Day 2017 is “Zero by 30”.(Zero human deaths from dog-mediated Rabies by 2030). These are the activities successfully carried out during World Rabies Day 2017: - Public Awareness through short message service (SMS). - Airing of Documentary on Rabies: A twenty minute long documentary on Rabies in Dzongkha with English sub-titles to be aired on World Rabies Day through the national television, BBS TV and local TV channels - Radio talk on Rabies: Talk/interview on Rabies in Bhutan will be aired on 28th September 2017 in Dzongkha, English, Sharchop and Lhotsham language/ Dialect... Read More

Workshop: Assessment of Rabies Control Program in Bhutan using Stepwise Approach Towards Rabies Elimination (SARE tool) and Developing Strategic Plan of Action

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A three day consultative workshop is underway in Paro from today, 27th September, 2017. This is one of the many activities undertaken to observe World Rabies Day. It is attended by technical experts on rabies from Department of Livestock, Department of Public Health, Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority, Nature Conservation Division of Department of Forest and Park Services, Royal Centre for Disease Control and National Centre for Animal Health (NCAH). The workshop is organized by Disease Control and Prevention Unit of NCAH with the following objectives: - To assess and evaluate the implementation of national rabies prevention and control programme in the country; - To develop strategies for elimination of dog mediated human rabies death by 2020 Rabies is a cross-border problem in Bhutan... Read More

FMD outbreak in Genekha, Thimphu

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FMD outbreak was reported in two herd at Jeba village under Genekha geog, Thimphu Dzongkhag on 2 September 2017. A total of 7 animals were affected and are recovering from infection. Jeba is about 2 km away from Chunzom towards Thimphu and opposite to proposed education city. The source of infection is from contact with infected herd of Paro Dzongkhag. Detail investigation and control measures are ongoing. Read More

Rabies outbreak in Phuentsholing

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A rabies case in a stray horse was confirmed at Phuentsholing town area on 10 September 2017. The horse showed symptom of rabies and had bitten a man. The the brain tissue sample of the horse tested positive to rabies. The exposed people are undergoing rabies postexposure treatment at Phuentsholing General Hospital. The horse might have been bitten by rabid dog about one month back. Phuentsholing town share open border with Indian town Jaigon. Surveillance is ongoing and public were made aware of the rabies outbreak. Read More

FMD outbreak in Bongo, Chukha

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FMD outbreak was reported at Bangteygang village (Chungkha) under Bongo geog, Chukha Dzongkhag on 4 September 2017. So far, the disease has affected only one herd. Control measures including public awareness, movement control of live animal and animals products, ring vaccination and surveillance are being conducted by the Dzongkhag Livestock sectors and RLDC, Tsimasham. Read More