Laboratory Services

The Laboratory Services Unit (LSU) is one of the four functional technical units under the National Centre for Animal Health in Serbithang. The unit functions as the national referral veterinary laboratory in the country with a Bio-Safety Level Plus 2 (BSL +2) facility. It is equipped with advanced diagnostic capacities such as real time RT-PCR and ELISA for some of the emerging livestock diseases including the highly pathogenic avian influenza.

The main mandates of the Laboratory Services Unit are:

  1. To provide wide range of veterinary diagnostic services and support clinical services and animal health programs in the country.
  2. To act as the national referral laboratory for diagnosis of various animal diseases in the country
  3. To supervise, assist and/or conduct laboratory based research activities in the country.
  4. To provide training on advanced veterinary laboratory technology and up-gradation courses for the laboratory technicians in the country.
  5. To coordinate and monitor the implementation of bio-safety measures and good laboratory practices in all veterinary laboratories in the country.
  6. To liaise, collaborate and establish efficient laboratory networks with the International Reference Laboratories, Public Health Laboratory and all other veterinary laboratories in the country.

Currently, the unit has 7 sections i.e. Bacteriology, Serology & Virology, Toxicology & Bio-chemistry, Parasitology, Post-mortem and Pathology, Hematology and Bio-safety & Bio-security Sections and each section under the LSU is equipped with advanced diagnostic facilities for diagnosis of important livestock diseases in the country.