Drug, Vaccine & Equipment Unit

The main function of the DVEU is overall management and co-ordination of Essential Veterinary Drug Program (EVDP) in the country through

  1. Uninterrupted supply of safe, efficacious and most essential veterinary drugs, vaccines and equipment.
  2. Rationalized procurement, distribution and usage of veterinary drugs, vaccines and equipment in the most transparent, systematic, scientific and efficient way.
  3. Procurement of drugs, vaccines and equipment of acceptable quality at affordable price.
  4. Support to deliver quality animal health care to the country�s animal population through supply of quality animal health care products.

EVDP is a Program for overall management of veterinary drugs, equipment, and vaccines.

  1. Indent collection and scrutinization/ review
  2. Timely distribution of medicines, vaccines and equipments
  3. Rational distribution of medicines, vaccines and equipments
  4. Monitoring drug/vaccines/equipments supply, stock position, etc both at the storage (depot) and field levels
  5. Maintaining data base in stock/type
  6. Initiating inter and intra-Dzongkhag drug/vaccines transfer and put the system in place
  7. Equipment maintenance
  8. Ensure Quality Control and Quality Assurance at the DRA approved labs.
  9. Provide technical guidance on proper infrastructures at the Central Stores, Phuentsholing.
  10. Ensure that any training for field staff on Essential drugs/vaccines and equipments are focused and employing user friendly tools.
  11. Revision of standard drug list as and when required.
  12. Guide in proper store management.
  13. Provide information on drug/vaccines.
  14. Liaison with Dzongkhags and Central Farms (all clients in general).
  15. Ensure that the essential drugs/vaccines are available at all times in adequate quantity and in the proper dosage form in the VHs and the LECs and the RNR Centres.
  16. The DVEU will keep abreast of the changes and decisions made by the Bhutan Medicine Board (BMB) and the Drug Technical Advisory Committee (DTAC) since much of the policy directives and activities are made by these bodies which the National veterinary Drug Committee (NVDC) and Tender evaluation committees have to abide by.